Short jeans and jeans-pipes

FashionSkinny cropped jeans - a beautiful way to present off a perfect form in all its glory! Presently, no one is slightly longish jeans that are however ugly gather at a ankle "accordion". No wish to open a ankle, which can even tuck great jeans that once your crop! Cropped denim models be fine, complete with sharp-nosed flirty shoes with pretty high heels.There is any version - cropped flared jeans, but this model is suitable alone slightly.-Skinny jeans are still popular. Designers would be happy to experiment with them, coming up with new colors and fashion. By the method, in a new winter period, jeans, tight-fitting anatomy like leggings, considered one of a most essence items in the wardrobe of a business woman 18 years old.  Alike articles:Mode Vogue Accessories Fall-Winter season 2012/2012Vogue Impeccable fashion. Gerls's autumn outfit: fashionable, elegant, comfortableStyle Vogue trends of source: Female COAT. . Читать полностью -->

Fashion Nails Source 2012: Creative Black and Whiteness Manicure

StyleFor those who fundamentally do not same a vogue for pastel shades of nail polish, Japanese stylists offer a simple solution - creative black and white manicure with rhinestones. A combination of sable and whiteness ever views extremely advantageous. A most pop version is a manicure, where on a frosted whiteness background are wide black diagonal stripes. Rhinestones give this manicure evening and festive nature.Author: Sophia Vereshchagin When using the effectual material and a reprint the reference to gerls's reserved.  Same articles:Style Gallery of vogue accessories for spring-summer:Style Skin belts, handbags, sunglasses, colored braceletsMode Autumn Style: Ladies hat. . . Читать полностью -->

Women's boots: Christmas Shoes 2011

StyleA heating and the sun is in a past. To our guests bestowed autumn, followed by winter period comes. Style stylists are constantly expanding new collections, among them a particular efforts paid to the boots. This fall and winter is rich with new collections that will delight us. Large selection of ankle boots. It all depends on our tasting, we similar it, and with our feet.Boots are not only suited to a great skirt, clothing, pants or jeans. Читать полностью -->

For short hair

StyleIf you have short hair - do not worry, of which it is possible to create something festive and solemn. For example, a simple neat haircut with graduated strands actually unadorned looks nice and attracts all views. And if supplemented with elegant rim or tiara, studded with sequins, It is possible to safely consider myself a true queen of a evening.Is very great and will be beautiful effect of "wet thin hair." This version is recommended specifically for those who wear pixie haircut.The bold and energetic individuals can afford, "disheveled" careless laying on short thin hair - it will give them a surprisingly life-affirming and provocative look.  Similar posts:Fashion Demi-time style fashion of shoesFashion Autumn Style: Gerls's Business SuitMode The chief colors of source style. . . . Читать полностью -->

High waist: style shorts summer 2013

ModeWaist back in place. This is a extremely momentous point. The most fashionable shorts - this is a model with the location of a waist is at a point where it in fact is.Mini-length and clipsThe most topical shorts, how good how last year, short. But there is a significant caveat. Do not short and tight, and a short and free, for example with tucks. These shorts are somewhat similar skirts.Average lengthIn a season of source-summer 2011 a second most well-known model - a direct medium-length shorts with cuffs.The flapsSmall flaps - current emphasis in a source and summer of 2013. Читать полностью -->

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